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Folla Tech

Folla Tech is a leading supplier to Scandinavian industry with branches in Norway and Sweden. From the start in 1987, we specialized in industrial wear technology.  We therefore have expertise and extensive experience in thermal spraying, welded carbide coatings and surface treatment. Mobile machining, assembly technology and industrial mechanics were also central to us from the start. 

Later, we used our experience from renovating complex industrial machines to build up capacity to deliver complete industrial plants and process solutions.  We have also developed our own products which we market with the initials Folla to mark our affiliation with the start in Follafoss.   


We have experience in most industrial areas and have a large staff of service technicians who are available for work "on-site".  Starting from Verdal and Motala, we cover Norwegian and Swedish industry with mobile machining, maintenance, modifications, new plants,  inspections and analyses. Around our workshops, we offer this capacity as a local industrial service.  Our goal is to be a complete partner for our customers, and we strive for fast delivery, flexibility and quality. 


Our business areas

We renovate industrial machines and production facilities, and we deliver complete new industrial facilities.  We have 3 workshops that complement each other and work together. 

Our 4 business areas benefit from joint technology development and coordinated marketing. 



Technology and solutions

We are in the most technologically demanding markets and thrive on challenges both in technical development, environment, sustainability  and market changes.


Sustainability and quality

Folla Tech was a pioneer in the renovation and reuse of advanced industrial machinery. We are involved in several technologies that are central to the green shift.

Our employees' organizations are important in our improvement work, and we recognize that Folla Tech and the employees must have common goals.

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