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In materials technology, wear resistance is becoming more and more important in terms of operational running time for critical components in many industries.  

Thermally sprayed coatings are extremely effective in increasing component life and value, reducing downtime, and improving performance in a wide range of applications. High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) coatings can have different thicknesses depending on the material. It is often used to apply abrasion and corrosion resistant coatings to materials.  

Thermal spraying is a modern and profitable surface treatment.  This means that the surface is coated with a metallic or ceramic layer. The purpose may be to improve the surface properties or to repair damaged or incorrectly worked surfaces. It is well suited for the maintenance and repair of worn machine parts, and improves their surface properties efficiently and with great precision. Thermal spraying makes reuse possible - and you can repair it instead of replacing it and getting a new one. Thermal spraying is primarily used to protect against: wear, corrosion, heat, erosion, electric shock and cavitation.

  • Repairs

  • Amplifier

  • Prevents

  • Protects

Folla Tech has broad expertise in wear technology on rotating equipment. Among other things, we build up worn and damaged metal surfaces on, for example, shaft journals and bearing surfaces. Using thermal spraying, we can coat with various alloys such as aluminum and bronze for chromium nickel tungsten carbide and various plastic materials. The components are then machined to the desired size. Examples can be rollers for the paper and graphic industry, bearing bearings on shafts and roller pins, bearing housings, wear sleeves, tools, crankshafts, pump housings and the like.


  • Shorter stop times

  • Lower costs

  • Smaller spare parts warehouse

  • Increased degree of recycling

  • No deformation or structural changes


Application methods? Flame spraying, arc and plasma spraying?

In materials technology, wear resistance is becoming increasingly important in terms of operational running time for critical components in many branches. Ceramic metal coatings deposited by HVOF spraying are a promising group of materials when it comes to resisting wear and tear as erosion. To succeed, you need the right equipment, the right experienced people with the right skills and documented results.  


Folla Tech analyzes and helps our customers find the best practical solution to extend the life of various components, either for new products or repair of existing ones.  

Thermal spraying: 


- Grinding and patching

- Research and development


- Durable corrosion protection

- Extreme durability against wear

Low temperature, ie no deformation or structural changes.  


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