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Pulp and Paper

Providing Everything You Need

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Renovation of machines

We repair and completely renovate with a guarantee on both performance and lifetime.

Vacuum pumps, compressors, cell feeders (sluices), rollers and rollers, centrifugal pumps, displacement pumps, blowers, fans, disc filters, screw presses, plug screws, Rrefiners and mills, agitators and mixers, drum filters, bearing rings, choppers, peepholes, cyclones.


Everything is done with adapted use of composite materials, overlay welding and thermally sprayed coatings. 


On-site service

Folla Tech has built a large machine park with equipment for efficient work on site. We have machining, grinding, cleaning and coating.  We do video scanning, pressure testing, measurement of quantity, pressure and temperature in the field and we do axle preparation and alignment.

Wear coating in bends and pipes, conveyor belts, repair of disc filters and screw presses in place, lauger, drive and steam boxes in the drying section, roller grinding and cleaning, bark drum, corrosion protection on PM.  Stop work and emergency service.  Modifications and new assembly.

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New facility
We deliver every step in a project, idea, design, procurement, construction,
preferably EPC or Turn-key.
We have reputable subcontractors and deliver
pre-used and in-house reconditioned machines where this is possible and desirable.

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