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On-site service

Leader in industrial service


Mobile machining

We supply the full range of mobile machining.  In combination with on-site thermal spraying, welding and mechanical assembly, a great deal can be achieved.

Drilling and threading, Keyways, Grinding and superfinishing,Line drilling, turning and milling, creating foundations, flange turning, compact flanges, and much more....

Heavy maintenance

Based on our versatile experience and competent workforce, we take on the most demanding maintenance tasks and conversions.

Disc filters, pressure screws, furnaces, compressors, paper machines, foundations, structures and bridges, propulsion machinery on ships, deck equipment and winches.

Hydroelectric dams, turbines, control apparatus


Service agreements, inspection and condition control

We have service agreements with a number of leading industrial companies. 

We carry out balancing, video inspections, pressure testing, alignment, surveying and much more.

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