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Production technology and expertise

Thermal spraying

HVOF,  Plasma, Flame, Arc. Sintering. 


Primarily used to protect against: wear, corrosion, thermal effects, erosion, electrical flashover and cavitation. 


Balancing and vibration measurement

We balance in the workshop and in the field. In the workshop, we have both hard and soft bearing balancing machines and can therefore balance most objects.

We have expertise in vibration measurement for condition detection and we carry out swing calculations of foundations and structures.


Sand and Ice Blasting

For thermal spraying and composite coatings, sandblasting is a critical parameter.

We have all methods:

Glass, sand, sponge jet, vacuum, dry ice (CO2) and more.


Composite coating

Folla Tech has supplied epoxy-based composite solutions for more than 30 years. and has constantly launched improvements  both on application and type of coating.  We also offer rubber and plastic coatings such as PTFE and Halar.


Carbide welding

We were early adopters of PTA welding and use this together with traditional MIG/MAG methods. 


Measurement and inspection in the field.

Videoscope analysis  for inspection and determination of wear. Measurements of quantity, flow, pressure and temperature in the field.

Mathematical simulation of processes for dimensioning and performance calculation.

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