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Products and spare parts


In addition to sales and distribution, we can also deliver complete solutions and perform the work for our customers.

We can provide most of the products that are needed.

Send us an inquiry on what the case may be, and we will give you a quick answer. 

Industrial floors

We see an increasing need and trend for industrial floors. Both in new homes, on boats and in various buildings. Higher demands are placed on quality and durability, while at the same time being treated properly so as to obtain optimum performance.

Sliding accidents often happen and even more often close.
A wet entrance area, oil spills at the workshop, rain or snow entering a loading platform or an unpredictable slippery staircase?

It can never be too secure.

Folla Tech is a supplier of


Loctites "Big Foot" -non-slip coating

The benefits for non-slip coatings are several:

  • Long lasting and better performance than sand and varnish 

  • The most powerful and aggressive non-slip product available

  • Withstands tough chemicals such as gasoline, jet fuel and hydraulic fluid 

  • Prevents expensive skidding and falls where there is pedestrian traffic

  • Powerful enough to handle heavy traffic and gentle enough for barefoot traffic

  • Increases safety on walkways, ramps and at various entrances

  • Pollutants are trapped in "recesses" and the traction force is maintained on the surface


Qualities are available for indoor and outdoor use

Available in black and grey. 

Can be used on most surfaces, and can in addition to floors, be used on
agricultural and forestry equipment, trucks, tractors, construction equipment, cranes and construction equipment.

It is relatively easy to lay, both on large surfaces and smaller. 

We have extensive experience with such products and can also offer to do the coating of the floor for you. 


Please book a visit from us. 


Typically exposed component for wear, corrosion and leaching get new life with Folla Tech. Folla Prevent Series / FollaCoat provides solutions for both new production and repair. FollaCoat is extremely effective in increasing component life and value, reducing equipment downtime and improving performance and operation. 

With HVOF repair from Folla Tech, the components that are repaired often have better properties than the original. The lifecycle increases with HVOF coatings and ongoing costs are reduced due to longer running time and lower replacement costs. This is documented through a number of case studies. Cost reduction is the key factor.

The Folla Prevent Series consists of its powder used for coating in various areas subject to wear, corrosion and blowout.

Folla WearPrevent: For use on parts subject to mechanical wear

Folla CorrosionPrevent: For use on parts exposed to corrosion

Folla WashoutPrevent: Use on parts exposed to exhaust


surface treatments


2-part, grey, carbide-filled, trowelable, epoxy-based surface coating for protecting against fine particle abrasion.

LOCTITE® PC 7226 is a 2-part, grey, carbide-filled, trowelable, non-sagging, epoxy-based surface coating for protecting processing equipment from fine particle abrasion (with or without chemical attack). It is suitable for overhead and vertical surfaces. Typical applications include dredge pump liners, flumes and troughs, pump impellers, vibrating feeders, and chutes/hoppers.

Carbide-filled epoxy


Can be used on overhead or vertical surfaces

Prolongs equipment life


2-part, grey, ceramic-filled, brushable, epoxy-based, ultra-smooth surface coating with self-levelling properties which protects against fine particle abrasion.

LOCTITE® PC 7227 is a 2-part, grey, ceramic and silicone-carbide filled, self-levelling, brushable, epoxy-based, ultra-smooth surface coating that creates a high gloss, low friction surface. Primarily it protects against fine particle abrasion and corrosion in service temperatures from -30 to +95°C. It also works well as a top coat over LOCTITE wearing compounds for applications requiring surface rebuilding and lasting protection.

Ceramic-filled to protect against fine particles

Brushable with self-levelling properties

High gloss, low friction finish

Superior adhesion, forms a solid bond


2-part, grey, non-sagging, steel reinforced epoxy repair putty that cures to a metal-like finish and can be machined, drilled, tapped or filed.

LOCTITE® EA 3471 is a 2-part, grey, non-sagging epoxy putty which is easy to apply with no need for heating or welding. Typical applications include repairing non-structural defects in castings, making jigs and fixtures, sealing vessels, tanks and valves, resurfacing worn air seals and filling cavitated areas. This product is typically used in applications with an operating range of -30 to +105°C.

Cures to a metal-like finish

Superior adhesion on metal surfaces

Bonds well to all metal substrates

Will not sag or shrink


2-part, ferro-silicon filled epoxy resin system. Extremely resistant to corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion.

LOCTITE® EA 3478 is a 2-part, ferro-silicon filled epoxy resin system. It is extremely resistant to corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion. It is ideal for restoring parts worn by mechanical and/or corrosion impact. Helps to restore tolerances to worn shafts, repairing worn keyways and damaged housings, filling pitted surfaces in worn machinery and restoring fit to bearing housings.

Rebuilds keyways and spline assemblies

Rebuilds bearings, clamp connections, tensioning elements, gear wheels or bearing seats

Ferro-silicon filled with outstanding compression strength

Ideal for renewing surfaces subjected to compression, thrust, impact and harsh environments

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