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Important breakthrough in the market for Folla Tech

Folla Tech has signed a contract with Kostrzyn Packaging in Poland for delivery of 6 production lines for moulded cardboard. The contract could be the largest in Folla Tech's history and shows that our solutions within pulp and vacuum technology are competitive also on the international market.

Molded cardboard products are recyclable and biodegradable. They can replace a variety of products that would otherwise be made of plastic. The investment made by Kostrzyn Packaging with support from their owners Rottneros and Arctic Paper also shows that the green shift is accelerating and that the transition to sustainable solutions is coming faster than many might think. We are very proud to be able to contribute to that.

The contract for the supply of production lines for a central replacement product for many plastic products comes in addition to the steady increase in the renovation and re-use of machinery and production lines. Folla Tech shows that we have a leading position in the industry's transition to recycling and circular economy.

This is a focus area for us that complements our other business areas. The project provides activity in Motala, Verdal and Follafoss.



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