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Process plant
and new machines


Folla Tech has signed several service and maintenance agreements with our customers. The agreements are prepared in cooperation with the customer to meet their specific wishes and operational schedule. In the field of vacuum technology, the conclution of an agreement can include everything from single pumps to complete plants. 

We can offer maintenance agreements that involve mobilizing large capacity and high competence for scheduled stops. 



Replacement pumps

Folla Tech has a large number of pre-refurbished vacuum pumps in stock in our replacement system. These are in most cases ready for delivery, and can be in place at the customer within a short time. If necessary, we can run the largest pumps on our own tranport vehicles.


Replacement pumps are primarily aimed at the paper and pulp industry, pump types and sizes that we have chosen from this. Our exchange pump system is cost-neutral relative to sending your own pump for overhaul, the only difference is that the delivery can happen immediately.


Folla Tech supplies new liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors. We can supply for all kinds of applications and for all industries. We work with many reputable suppliers, such as Atlas Copco, PPI and Zibo.


We supply and stock spare parts for most types of vacuum pumps.

Ask us about spare parts or components for other types of machines as well. 

We have a large archive of drawings and have a varied and flexible

machine park in our workshops.




Folla Drive is an operating solution developed by Folla Tech, which can be installed on vaccum pumps of the CL-6000 and CL-9000 type.  

Folla Drive can have different gear ratios in the order of 1:4-1:5. This can be adapted to the customer in each case to achieve optimum operation. 

Usually, Folla Drive will be a solution for the pumps that have integrated gears, but Folla Drive can also be a space-saving solution for pumps that have separate free-standing gears.  





When installing a new vacuum pump or switching to a different size or pump type, we can dimension, deliver and possibly install a complete unit. We adapt the device for the applications.


The unit consists of a complete steel foundation for embedding, vacuum pump, motor (Gemex motor foundation), complete belt drive including covers and

pipe connections. 


  • Front separator

  • Extraction Pump

  • After-separators

  • False air valve
  • Control sticks

  • Inlet siler

  • Complete spray nozzles




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