We offer full renovation in our workshop or on-site. When we renovate a machine or a component we use the best methods and improve longevity of your machines or plant. 

We stretch far and are flexible, so that we can give our customers the right solution that suits their needs. This includes everything from overhaul, modification, and reconstruction to easy component recognition or delivery times. We also provide on-site investigations of equipment before renovation, and look for the best solution for the customer.


Our goal is for our customers to receive maximum value from the process, so that they notice improvements in equipment performance and efficiency.

The needs of each customer are varied, but usually vary from repair or reproduction of a worn or damaged component, to overhaul and reconstruction of a complete machine. We can, if necessary, also produce completely new components where repair is not possible.

Examples of cases and components

Coated components in machines, vehicles and appliances fulfill their functions more reliably, more profitably and last longer. Friction and wear are important factors that limit component performance and longevity.

Folla Tech has effective methods to renovate and machine your component back to its original condition. We take components that are both land-based and off-shore. For some examples, see below.


Renovation of vacuum pumps is often a far better option than investing in new ones. We use different materials and methods to repair corrosion and wear damage. Corrosion damage is remedied by polymer composites or by thermal spraying. Sealing and bearing surfaces that have been damaged are applied to new, high quality material using thermal spraying and subsequent processing. The same applies to cones, rotors and gables. Before assembly, the rotor is balanced and the bearings and gaskets are replaced. The vacuum pump becomes as good as new or even better.

Press screws

With our welding and grinding machine, we repair wear damage on press screws. We can do this on-site or in our own workshops. The repair time and stop time are considerably reduced during work done on-site. 

We weld up worn screws. We sand the wings to the correct diameter and we have a suction that takes care of abrasive dust/particles. We also offer:

  • replacement of screen plates

  • replacement of bearings and seals

  • shaft shaft repair

  • upgrades the wearless segment in the compression section

Rolls and cylinders

We do grinding, repairing and coating of rolers and cylinders. We can do the job both on-site, to minimize stop time, and in our workshop. 


The surface in rolling machines is crucial for achieving good rolling structure. A proper friction layer is a prerequisite for achieving this. We spray friction layers on rollers in a gentle and dust-free manner.

Centrifugal pumps

Complete overhauls including seal replacement is a standard job for Folla Tech. Folla Tech overhaul and upgrade all types of centrifugal pumps. We perform composite coating of all internal pump parts so that pumps made in standard design can withstand demanding environments, which saves large costs for new pump purchases. 

Various within

oil and gas


Running Tool Piston



Inner Body THRT

Rod for tool

Wash pipes

Valve gates


Union Nut Risers

Special joints

Telescopic Joint

Riser lock

Alignment Stab

Gates & seats

Diverter Inserts

Choke Body

Pin ends

Pipe flenges

Motor shafts

Pole for deployment machine

Hydraulic Piston


Rotary feeder

Folla Tech overhauls and upgrades all types of rotary feeders. Our method extends the life of the rotary feeder, and our extensive renovation program brings the component back to its original layer and capacity. This includes machining of houses and welding up rotor with subsequent machining to original dimensions. In addition to reparing wear and tear on bearings and selaing bearings. Overhauled rotary feeders come with original tolerances. 

Plug screws

Folla Tech has extensive experience with overhauling of plug screws and housings. The house is welded up with 316 ss thread and critical surfaces are welded with stellite. Screw and housing are machined to original tolerances (between screw and housing). 

and much more

In addition, we renovate other components and rotating machines. 

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything you cannot find.