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Folla Tech is not just a supplier. We also act as advisers.

We know, understand and have extensive experience within the subject and most industries. ​
Our goal is to be a complete partner for our customers.
Termisk sprøyting, sveising og platearbeid, maskinerig
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Thermal spraying

HVOF. Plasma. Flame. Arc. Thread. Sintering. Tuck. Teflon. Selective plating.


Used primarily to protect against: wear, corrsion, heat, impact, erosion, electrical overlay and cavitation. 


Balancing and vibration measurements

Balancing reduces load, noise and increases the life, quality and efficiency of rotating machines. Folla Tech performs dynamic balancing, in our workshops or on-site to the customer, of various machine components, pump motors, fan wheels, rollers and more.


Sand blasting

We do blasting of all types. 


Test driving, analyzes and video inspections

We have advanced test facilities for vacuum pumps. This ensures optimal operation and profitability of the pump. A refurbished pump should achieve original values to be approved. Documented test results are included in all our deliveries.


Welding and

metal work

MIG-basert carbide welding, welding of alloys and materials such as copper, bronze, cast iron. MAG. TIG. Plasma. PTA coatings. 

dry ice.jpg



Dry-ice blasting a mild, dry and environment-friendly cleaning method. Typical for cleaning: oil, grease, oxide layers, glue, varnish, soot, sugar deposits and plastic and rubber residues, and more.


Very effective and can be adjustable

In many cases cleaning can be done during operation

No residue

No masking requirements

No mechanical impact

Less cleaning time


Service, repair og maintenance

Customized agreements. Single missions. Servicedeals. Projects. 

process optimization.jpg



We do analyzes and optimization proposals for vacuum systems and drying machines. Together with Front Way, we analyze and perform optimization proposals for vacuum systems and drying machines.



Lathe. Drilling and threading. Line boring. Grinding and super finishing. Turning. Milling. Grading. Slotting of keyways. CNC. Inspection. and more. 

inner cone for crusher-after-weld and mas

Wear coatings

Material engineering

When renovating process solutions, the application of various composites is often expedient. Composite is low in weight, has high strength and stiffness, very good corrosion resistance and fatigue properties. Epoxy-based composite. Vinyl Ester. Teflon. Halar. Bitumen and paint systems. Electrolytic coating.

and much more. 


Engineering and construction

Folla Tech undertakes engineering and construction tasks for the industry. From optimization of industrial processes to the design of completely new process sections, where pumps, tanks and piping are included.

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Products and spare parts

We are a supplier of well-known brands and have products from Henkel Loctite, Durum and SKF.

You can order the products alone or we can do the work with the products for you as needed.

Service, reparasjon og vedlikehold
Testkjøring, analyser og videoinspeksjoner
Egne produkter og kjente varemerker
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