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We do everything within industrial wear technology, machining and mechanical work. We have long experience in most industrial areas




Folla Tech is a leading industrial service partner with branches in

Norway and Sweden.

Since 1987, we have specialized in industrial wear technology, and have extensive expertise in thermal spraying, mobile machining, assembly technology and industrial mechanics, surface treatment, etc.

The company has experience in most industrial areas, and has a large staff of service technicians who are available for work "on-site". Around our workshops, we offer local industrial service, combined with special service, new installations and renovations. Our goal is to be a complete partner for our customers, and we strive for fast delivery, flexibility and quality.

All mechanical machines and components have one thing in common: They wear and tear during use.

We give them a new start.

Dismantling can often be challenging and expensive. We can deliver and perform our services on-site. 

Product development

We plan, organize, manage and implement our own projects, within given limits of time, resources and quality.

Folla Tech Sustainability
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